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Principal Design in the Style of the Baroque

The Baroque interior is distinctively influenced by its chinoiserie. Increasingly stimulated by the cosmopolitan trade, the 18th century came to turn to overseas cultures. Coffee, tea and tobacco were en vogue as luxury food, porcelain items became much sought-after collectibles.
Especially Asian archetypes influenced the repertoire of design used by artists and artisans. The most precious, still preserved samples of the first stage of interior decoration at Rammenau Castle are the tapestries in the Chinese Room on the first floor. The numerous images in this room depict the dream of living a carefree life in a remote and idealized world.

Redesign in Neoclassical Style

It is believed that Friedrich von Kleist had numerous rooms redesigned in the Neoclassical style in the time when he owned the estate. These changes are deemed to be outstanding examples of interior design in their time, substantially contributing to the special importance of the estate regarding the arts and cultural history.
The so-called Devil’s Room and the Bulgarian Room on the upper-floor belétage deserve to be mentioned in particular. The painted decoration in the Devil’s Room relates to Greek mythology, whereas the murals in the Bulgarian Room show ancient landscapes in an idealized form.

Welcome to our permanent exhibition on display in the castle:

»300 Years of the History of the Castle and Its Architecture«
In the historically restored ground-floor rooms, visitors will learn a lot of interesting details and hear anecdotes about the country Baroque estate, which can look back on great and exemplary people and which has become unique as an ensemble in its entirety.
The exhibition will help visitors discover a castle, its erstwhile owners and its Baroque and Neoclassical interior design on the ground floor and on the belétage. Experience the landscape park and the rural character of the steward’s cottage in the context of the exhibits on show. New and surprising perspectives will open up to you.
Our exhibition imparts knowledge about the time of the Baroque, its fine arts, economy and social history.
Experience an estate in its fascinating ensemble located in the Saxon countryside.

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