Rammenau Baroque Castle

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The only fully preserved manor in Saxony, Rammenau Baroque Castle, is located in the foothills of the Lusatian Mountains near Bautzen. While it looks like a modern fairy-tale castle on the outside, the inside features a Chinese Room, Pompeii Room, Bird Room, Peacock Room and Hunting Room with an impressive late baroque and early classicist room design. Rammenau Baroque Castle was bought by the von Hoffmann family in the 18th century, and the idyllic landscape park was designed by their son, Johann Centurius Count von Hoffmann. Nowadays, guests can enjoy classical music in the Mirror Hall and experience culinary delights from the times of the landed gentry in the dining hall.


Rammenau Baroque Castle

Am Schloss 4 | 01877 Rammenau

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