Our chambermaid would like to recommend to embark on a tour into the culture of wining and dining...

Dining and celebrating at a castle certainly has some style, conveying a sense of romance and »savoir vivre«.

A feast in a stylish atmosphere, a cozy afternoon tea, a dinner for two, a party for a »big» birthday, a merry family function or a festive banquet on occasion of your company’s anniversary – those are events and parties to remember.

»Man is what he eats …« – eating culture has always been an expression of social status; but also health and well-being depend on the quality of one’s diet – »... and the way he eats!«. In times when fast food determines the dining culture, there is growing demand for sitting down at a well-laid table to dine in a descent atmosphere ... an experience for all the senses. This is what Rammenau Castle can offer you.

Opening hours of our castle restaurant:

During the summer season (CEST):
April through October         10:00am - 06:00pm, closed on Tuesdays

During the winter season (CET):
Closed from January through March
November and December     10:00am – 04:00pm, closed on Tuesdays

On December 24 and 31 as well as on January 1, the castle premises remain closed to visitors.

Our special offers: Catering at the castle for visitors of the castle grounds with the castle museum, exhibitions and park; advance booking outside regular opening hours is also possible for groups; historical rooms on lease for your family functions, wedding parties or company receptions.

Our »chef de cuisine« serves culinary delights from the current menu:

  • Delightful and Lucullan
  • Delicious and refreshing
  • Light or hearty fare
  • Modern or baroque ...

This is what a kitchen was required to be like during the Age of the Baroque:

»Anything in the kitchen and pantry shall be neat and tidy; after their use, the dishes shall always be scrubbed, cleaned and rinsed; and the meals – so that one may enjoy them without any horror or disgust, but with pleasure – shall be prepared cleanly.«
(according to Johann Heinrich Zedler, around 1730)

Our »chef de cuisine« combines Saxon and regional Lusatian cuisine for you. Just choose from our menu:

  •     A small meal
  •     A main course
  •     A three-course meal
  •     A five-course meal – or ...
  •     … enjoy a 16-course meal of pure, Baroque »joie de vivre».

The use of menus – also called »bills of fare« in the Age of the Baroque – was described like that:

»At the court or other households of equal size, it has become common that, before the feast, the Maître de Cuisine, or the kitchen scribe in his place, handed out the bill of fare to the lordship or placed it underneath their plates, so that they would know from the beginning of the meal the sequence of courses and could make choices according to their likes and appetite«.
(Source unknown, early 18th century)

Our »Chef de Cuisine« will also keep available for you a wide range of hot and cold beverages:

  • Widely varied coffee specialties
  • exotic tea delights
  • selected wines and other »spiritual« delectables

What they thought of beer and wine in the Age of the Baroque:

»Whereas Good Mother Nature brings forth barley for the beer, but, most notably, wine in many places; such as the wines growing around Dresden and Meissen, having matured for several years, come close to those from the Rhine River. They are followed by the ones from the Torgau and Naumburg regions and, at long last, those from Jena, which are the worst of all being not much better than vinegar«.

(by Paul Jacob Marperger: »Vollständiges Küch- und Keller-Dictionarium«, 1716)

Allow yourself to be spoilt at the castle and forget about the daily humdrum...

Here, you can rent rooms of a festive or rustic ambience.

We are prepared to arrange your very personal menu, a buffet or an individual program – matching every occasion.

We will host you and your guests in the castle, in the park, at the dairy farm or at the Cavaliers’ House and we will take care of your very individual celebration – from table decoration via catering down to fireworks – to make it a day long remembered...

We want to be your partner. Let us know your wishes.

Cookery courses at the castle kitchen

Our chambermaids recommend you a very special highlight:

Cooking together with the chef in historical rooms... 

How about a cookery course at the castle? Sushi or lobster – learn to prepare them expertly by yourself... 

A tempting thought?

Then register for a »Cookery course at the castle kitchen«! 

Our chef de cuisine at Rammenau Baroque Castle will introduce you to the secrets of the high art of cooking …

We are looking forward to your booking – starting from ten people.

Be a Guest at the Castle’s Catering Facilities

We would like to invite you to the historical dining rooms and the castle terrace to enjoy the dining culture of the castle’s cuisine or the rustic meals from the Servant’s Kitchen.

Allow yourself to have a culinary experience of the special kind: Be it a family a family function, a banquet on occasion of an anniversary or a candlelight dinner – our premises are ideal for any event. Matching the occasion, we will be happy to arrange a multi-course dinner, buffet or individual program. Just talk to us.

Are you up to a culinary event? Have a look into our calendar of events. We regularly offer times for brunch at the castle or also cooking evenings in the cosy Servants’ Kitchen. Help yourself at the plentiful buffet or take hold of the cooking spoon yourself.

Find out about our menu here.


For further information please contact:

Axel Göber – head chef

03594 703559

Opening Hours

April to October

  • Wed – Mon
  • 12:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • warm dishes till 5:00 pm

November to December

  • Wed– Mon
  • 12:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Dec 24, and Dec 27, 2017 to Jan 8, 2018: closed

January to March

  • closed