Offers for Guided Tours

You have always wanted to know what life was like at the Baroque Castle? Take the opportunity and join one of our numerous guided tours.

Historical guided tour (approx. 1 hour): 5,00 EUR p. p.
Guided walkabout (approx 30 min.): 3,00 EUR p. p.
Guided tour for school classes: 2,00 EUR p. p.

For groups fewer than 15 people, a minimum of EUR 45.00 or EUR 75.00 is charged for the historical tour.

Our Special Tours

You can also register for a guided tour outside our regular opening hours by booking in advance. Make your day out unforgettable by joining one of our special tours.

Fee up to 15 people: 130,00 EUR
Fee more than 16 people: 10,00 EUR p. p.
Evening tour guided by the chambermaid: 10,00 EUR p. p.
‘Get Seduced’ by the chambermaid: 12,00 EUR p. p.
Guided night tour: 20,00 EUR p. p.
Special seasonal tour (e.g. tour during the time of Advent): 15,00 EUR p. p.


Rammenau Baroque Castle

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